Corvus is TEMPORARILY CLOSED to Submissions


Unfortunately, as one of our editors is overseas adventuring; presumably swashbuckling through tropical jungle in very sexy boots, and the other (me) is at a very involved stage of her (less sexy) Master’s Degree, we are unable to keep on top of submissions. Thankfully, this should change in January, when our brand new Assistant Editor is very kindly offering her time to read some of the submissions coming in.

If you’ve been waiting a while for a response to your submission, we apologise wholeheartedly. As this is a non-profit, two-person journal run from our bedrooms, and as we’ve only just begun, you can expect things to get on top of us very occasionally. But know that we are working on it, and will be considering your submission as soon as we possibly can.

Any submissions sent after today’s date (25/12/2011 – and a very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it) and before such a time as we declare submissions reopened will not be considered for publication.All submissions which we received before today’s date are still being considered and you will hear from us as soon as possible.

(And remember, if we’ve had your story since before the first issue was published, that means we’re considering it strongly for publication in the second.)

We thank you for your understanding,

the Editors