Corvus (genus), the crows and ravens, part of the Corvidae family. Often considered the most intelligent birds, members of this genus carry wonderfully evocative collective nouns. A murder of crows. A train of jackdaws. A building of rooks. And ravens have a list all to themselves: an unkindness, a conspiracy, a parliament. Or the version we consider most apt for this magazine: a storytelling.

Why Corvus Magazine? At the beginning, as with every career, there is a jump to be made. Sometimes it’s just a little leap and on you go, running off to book deals and columns in The Guardian. Sometimes it’s a chasm of refused applications and turned-down manuscripts. Writing is purgatory. For everyone. We’ve been there too. So many journals require publishing credits that would-be writers fall victim to that old vicious circle of ‘no experience gets no work, no work gets no experience’. If not, they’re often very genre-specific, and what good is a science fiction magazine to a historical fiction writer? Corvus was set up with the aim to be deliberately eclectic in terms of genre, and to accept a good story no matter the credentials of the writer. It’s important to us to create a wonderfully written, good quality journal every three months, with no bias to genre, style or what the author has done with their life.

We are the editors. We are both writers, and we live in the UK. We keep odd hours as well as Greenwich hours, so don’t be alarmed if submission responses and other communications arrive in your inbox at hours commonly described as ‘antisocial’. We’re not vampires. We’re merely the British.

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