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Seven features some familiar faces alongside our new contributors, with a ‘welcome back’ to the returning Jonathan Bond – last seen in Issue Five – and a hello to Graham Tugwell, Nick Bosworth, Sonia Christensen, C. A. Schaefer, Jessie Nash, Bob Towey, Ron Riekki, Redfern Jon Barrett, L. S. Johnson, Gail DiMaggio, Emily Strauss, Wesley King, Saul Jennings and Keith McCulloch, who have given us doses of the fantastical, the beautiful, and the downright strange. Once again, we are pleased to feature not only the stunning – and thematically appropriate! – cover art provided by Bridget Beorse, but further interior artworks from Bridget and French artist Ivan de Monbrison.

Issue Seven has been a joy to edit and has made us smile, made us sad, and even made us laugh inappropriately in public places (fellow users of my local library, I can only apologise).

We’re still on Twitter (@corvusmagazine), and we’re now also on Facebook at Corvus Magazine, so do please come over to say hello, to ask us questions, to enquire whether we really mean it about the cats.

(Answer: Yes, we really really do.)

We make no secret that this is one of our favourite issues so far, and we hope that you get as much pleasure out of reading as we did the first time we saw each entry – and each time after that, too.

– Rachael Bundock