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Five features cover art by Olivia Boa, and great new writing from Tara Dorabji, Lauren Perez, Jackson Burgess, Margaret Mary Riley, Jonathan Bond, Katherine Garrigan, Mark Goad, Johanna Miklós, Gillian Walters, Vanessa Vitiello, and Valerie Z Lewis.

It’s hard to believe that this issue marks the one year anniversary of Corvus, which still feels like a fledgling journal! We’re not ones for grand celebration, so the date passes with little more than this nod, and a thank you again to all who have submitted to and read Corvus so far. We appreciate it. Over the year, we’ve juggled international travel, a Master’s, illness, financial hardship and more, and somehow, some way, we have managed to get each issue out more-or-less on time. It’s you lot that make us want to keep at it.

Half a year’s worth of huge thanks to editor Rachael Bundock, who returned from her international adventures just in the nick of time to take on much of the responsibility for the running of this journal. She has never failed to step up when I have been otherwise incapacitated. If you have enjoyed reading Corvus over the past six months, it is largely down to her hard work.

We hope you enjoy Issue Five. And Six, and Seven, and Eight and Nine and, with any luck, Ten, too.

– EA Hopson, Editor