Issue Two available for free download and online viewing now!

Our February issue features striking cover art by Ashley Bisson and exciting and original prose and poetry from Theodore Carter, Sam Martone, Cheryl Hicks, Janine-Langley Wood, Kellie R. England, E.F. Schraeder, A.M. Taureau, Adriana Tosun, Walter Beck, Deborah Mantle, Chris Stiebens, Chelsea Burk, Ainslie Hogarth, Freesia McKee, R.A. Allen, and Troubadour Kaul. You can get it here. Simply click to view online or right click and save link/target as to download it.

This month, due to the original editorial duo’s offline commitments, we welcomed a new team-member on board: We simply could not have got this issue out on time without the help of Erin Monteith, who has proved herself invaluable over the past four weeks as assistant editor, proofreader, and general sounding board. A big thanks to you, Erin.

And, as always, thanks so much to everyone who contributed this time around; the high quality of your submissions makes our job here very difficult, and we so appreciate you trusting us with your hard work and, in some cases, very personal offerings. We saw fantastic writing in all genres, and have tried to represent that diversity and originality in the pieces selected for this issue, which include the surreal, the fantastical, the fairy-tale, the mythical, and the all-too-real.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading Issue Two as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

‘the Editors’

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3 Responses to “Issue Two available for free download and online viewing now!”
  1. linda brawner says:

    Thanks, Corvus for giving us such inspiring, thought provoking, and wonderful stories. I especially loved “The High Life”, by Chris Stiebens. It was amazing and reminded me of times gone by. Thanks again!

  2. Chris Stiebens says:

    My sincere thanks to the editors for the honor of being in this second issue of Corvus. Thanks!

  3. Chris Stiebens says:


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